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EC130B4 Import from Kentucky, USA: 144 Month Inspection, Calendar Reset, Component Overhaul, Custom Avionics Installation and Paint.

This Airbus Helicopter EC130B4 was manufactured in 2005 and was imported from United States by Aeromni Aerospace. Since the airframe is due for a 12 year inspection, this was the perfect opportunity for a major upgrade. With combined efforts from Aeromni Aerospace Inc, Port Aircraft Interiors Inc, and Vector Aerospace, this aircraft now one of the best Executive EC130 on the market.


Even though the aircraft was manufactured in 2005, it was packed with legacy flight instruments and navigation systems. After a thorough discussion with the owner, it was decided that only the Ryan 9900BX TCAD and L-3 WX500 Stormscope will remain. Along with all latest and greatest equipments, a Genesys Aerosystem’s HeliSAS 2-Axis Autopilot was also installed. With the autopilot system fully integrated with the new G500H and navigation systems, workload has been significantly reduced for pilots.


  • Bendix/King KCS 55A Compass System
  • Bendix/King KX-165 NAV/COM
  • Garmin GNS-430 NAV/COM/GPS
  • Garmin GTX-327 Mode A/C Transponder
  • PS Engineering PMA8000-SR
  • PS Engineering PAV-80 Entertainment System
  • Freeflight TRA-3000 Radio Altimeter
  • Analog Clock
  • Safe Flight Power Line Detection System
  • ICOM Marine VHF/FM Radio
  • Avidyne EX500 Multi-Function Display


  • Garmin G500H with Synthetic Vision
  • Garmin GNC-255B NAV/COM
  • Garmin GTN-650 Touchscreen NAV/COM/GPS
  • Garmin GTX-345 Mode S Transponder
  • Garmin GMA-350H
  • Garmin GDL-69AH XM Weather & Radio
  • Freeflight RA-4500 Radio Altimeter
  • Davtron M877 Digital Clock
  • *NEW* Genesys HeliSAS Autopilot
  • *NEW* AvMap EKP-V Aux GPS

New Instrument Panel

In order to fit the new Garmin G500H EFIS display, the original instrument panel would have to be heavily modified. Traditional method for modifying instrument panel would require fabricating blanking plates for removed equipment and making adapter plates for newer instruments. With a brand new interior and paint job, a “Swiss Cheese” instrument panel with a Glass display is just unacceptable. So instead of trying to “make it work”, we engineered a new instrument panel with precise fit and alignment of all the flight instruments. The newly instrument panel was also powder coated and laser engraved for maximum durability and clarity.

The Flush Mount Difference

We weren’t satisfied with just a new instrument panel so we took an extra step in making the cockpit look professional. Instead of mounting all the screens on the surface of the instrument panel like most avionics shops, we had all the equipment mounted flush with panel. The result is a clean and unique instrument panel that you would expect from the manufacturer.