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Avionics Installations

Avionics Installations

Seamless Integration

A standalone avionics system maybe easy to install and a intriguing DIY project. But when you have multiple avionics platform that has to work with each other, integration is no easy task. Our Avionics Engineers are experienced at integrating the most complex avionics systems available. From “Glass Cockpit” to Autopilots, we will ensure every system works flawlessly with each other as they were designed by manufacturers.


New equipment costs a significant amount of money, due to the vigorous R & D testing of manufacturers to ensure their products meet the latest standards. Mounting and installing this delicate equipment is an art in itself and requires a wide range of considerations. Clearance, ventilation, alignment, ease of maintenance, structural and electrical loads are all factors that should be reviewed on every installation. Let our engineers design the perfect system for your aircraft.

Custom Instrument Panel

We are proud to be one of few avionics shops that has the ability to create your dream dash. If you are looking for the perfect looking, breath taking cockpit, then look no further. Our custom designed instrument panel often puzzle customers why their aircraft did not come like this from the factory.

Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) Design

Not every equipment on the market is approved to be installed on your specific airframe. If you have an equipment or additional function you would like to add, speak with us and we can develop a customized installation for your aircraft.

Aircraft Rewire

Over years of operation, wires can break, contacts can corrode, and problems WILL occur. If your aircraft has a long history of intermittent avionics problems, consider having it rewired and give your aircraft a fresh start!

Laser Marked Wires

Wire code used to be marked on a wire through the use of a heat shrink label or a hot stamper. Both methods have proven to be ineffective due to illegibility as each label deteriorates over time. Laser marking is the most efficient and effective way to permanently mark each wire.

Marking a Difference one wire at a time

All laser marked wires will have an identifier every 6 inches to ensure that each wire can be identified at any location on the aircraft. Out with Kapton Older generation aircraft utilizes Kapton wires which has been proven to be unreliable. Aeromni replaces all wires with new ETFE dual insulation wires which have high durability and flexibility.

Accredited Dealerships

Aeromni Aerospace represents a wide range of avionics manufacturers. Being an authorized dealer means that your avionics equipment will be installed by trained technicians with proper documentations to support their work.