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Aeromni Advantages & Benefits:

  • Many maintenance shops outsource their repairs and overhauls. Unlike many maintenance shops, we do almost everything in house with the exception of paint and engine/dynamic component overhauls. This allows us to offer competitive pricing while eliminating the costly middle person.
  • Our bench technicians have university degrees and our Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are licensed in their areas of specialty.
  • Being located in Vancouver, we work closely with local manufacturers and overhaul shops such as Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopter and Safran Aircraft Engines and Standard Aero.
  • Whether you are AOG or in need of an exchange part or repair we have the resources to make it happen quickly and efficiently, ensuring you stay on the job and keep flying.
  • Our signed service agreements pass savings and benefit everyone.
  • We take pride in our customer service, providing seamless transactions and quick decision-making.  Getting in touch with us is easy, no switch boards and multiple layers of management to receive an answer.
  • Being a small business we offer flexibility and personalized service from start to finish.